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Flavien Neuvy live from Las Vegas for CES 2024!


Like last year our economist Flavien Neuvy is going to Las Vegas in early January to cover the famous exhibition dedicated to innovation: the Consumer Electronic Show!

This must-attend event for all innovation and tech players is a good way to identify the next innovations and measure the impact of these new technologies on our daily lives. 

Flavien offers you a concise and striking vision of his 5 days spent in the USA to walk the aisles of the show. Embark on this transatlantic journey, fasten your seat belt and let our commander Neuvy guide you!   

A little background… what is CES?

before entering the show… some economic notions essential to a good understanding

Back on the press day, the famous media day with Nicolas Diacono as guest!

It is the opening of doors to the general public! What to remember?

3rd day for Flavien… under the sign of mobility with 2 French startups!

Bertrand Rakoto, brilliant automotive analyst shares his vision of the US market!

And finally, if you only had to remember 3 main points of this 2024 edition of the CES…


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