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Section 1 - The mystery of the electric car

A promising future, yes but…

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The electric car is a source of contradiction. Motorists know about it, but they lack information. It is a clean car, provided that «carbon-free» electricity is used, but the environmental impact of the batteries is not negligible.

The key to future success

The offer of a pleasant driving experience is appealing, but its reliability and safety remain in doubt. Despite the relatively small market share, the numbers who intend to buy are much higher, i.e. 57% for a hybrid and 43% for an EV within 1 to 5 years.



Because no, the EV is not just a trend – only 37% consider it as such.



And yes, the electric vehicle has a future, a bright future. 85% of motorists are convinced of this.



However, to transform this stated optimism into an actual purchase, the electric vehicle will have to make further improvements to reassure the more sceptical, particularly regarding the battery, which is the focal point of concerns. The key to winning people over will probably be achieved by the all-important customer experience. To finally remove itself from the realm of fantasy and establish itself in the real world.

Sub-section 9
A choice that generates value
In a world where the choice of a vehicle is not yet completely neutral, 85% of those who responded claim that the EV reflects a positive, modern and responsible image.  
Sub-section 11
Between the 2012 issue of l’Observatoire devoted to the EV and this 2019 survey, the technologies, infrastructures and regulatory framework of EVs have progressed. The perceptions and intentions o