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Section 1 - The mystery of the electric car

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In terms of mobility, the electric vehicle has many advantages. Economically, under certain conditions, and a within a relatively short timeframe, there is no doubt that there will be some good arguments to put forward in favour of EVs. But buying a vehicle is not a purely objective matter. Force of habit, preferences, perceptions and attitudes are just some of the many emotional, hence subjective, factors that need to be taken into account when making a choice.

As a genuine technological breakthrough, the electric vehicle is gradually gaining ground in the automotive world. And the way it works using an electric motor/battery combination that is actually broken down into three different versions by drivetrain (fully electric, plug-in hybrid or range extender) does not seem to be a secret in the eyes of motorists.

Sufficient knowledge

69% claim that they understand EVs and how they work.



Surprisingly, Norway and China, the EV pioneers, and not among the motorists that understand EVs best. Poland, Turkey and Italy are leading the way in this area.

Insufficient information

But knowing something does not mean that you are familiar with it. 70% of those who responded claim that they lack information.



This lack of information even reaches 83% in Japan, the home of the car manufacturers Nissan and Toyota, which are very active in the EV and hybrid market. Providing every kind of information on the actual performance of electric vehicles, the public incentives to purchase and the reviews from the first users will probably change perceptions about electric vehicles.

Sub-section 6
A lack of competitiveness
Given its specific features, the EV is technically suited to the driving habits of a large number of motorists. To be fully embraced, there still remains one obstacle to be overcome, i.e. competitiven
Sub-section 8
Eco-friendly maturity
Although, for now, the economic argument is not fully in favour of EVs, its positive impact on air quality could perhaps tip the balance. Nearly 90% of those who responded consider EVs to be eco-frien