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Section 1 - I (still) love my car

Public transport: the alternative favoured by young people and urbanites

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For many, the ability to choose an alternative to car travel depends on the availability of public transport (Fig. 9).
Two-thirds of respondents believe that the public transport network around their home is sufficiently developed, with the Chinese, Dutch and British being the most likely to agree (86%, 80% and 78%). This satisfaction with the public transport system is felt most keenly by urbanites and certain generations. In major cities, the results are almost unanimous, which is the case in Poland (100%!), Germany, China and Japan (96%, 96% and 95%).
92% of French city dwellers also rate their public transport networks highly. Millennials, apart from those in Turkey, are generally pleased about their level of development.
In relative terms, young South Africans display by far the highest level of enthusiasm: 65%, compared with just 12% of seniors.

FIG. 9 :


Sub-section 2
Owning a car : reasons and feelings
Beyond this “love” of cars, various reasons, based on a mixture of pragmatism and idealism, prompt people to acquire a vehicle (Fig. 5 and 6). 39% of those interviewed, believe that a car is, abov
Sub-section 4
A seriously ideal car
So yes, we love our cars. They embody values such as freedom and we are very attached to them. And yes, the ideal car does exist. Only 8% of the people interviewed believe the opposite. And yet, this