09 The joys of gardening

Living happily means living at home!
Seniors know how to keep busy at home and are ever happier doing so.

Hand-made leisure

Seniors in Europe place a great deal of importance on looking after their home and garden, rather than more artistic pursuits. A way of combining enjoyment and practicality, self-fulfilment and day-to-day comfort. Over 50 % of seniors enjoy manual activities (DIY, gardening, sewing, etc.) more than once a month and 18 % more than once a week. That’s twice as many as non-seniors.

The pleasures of being and relaxing at home

Seniors are also keen on in-home leisure activities (Fig. 29): reading, crosswords, board games, puzzles and memory games. What better source of fun than one that stimulates the brain! They devote an average of 6.5 hours to such pursuits each week, an hour more than the younger age groups, with the figure reaching more than 8 hours in Britain!

Fig. 29 Proportion of Europeans who enjoy in-home leisure activities for at least 4 hours a week
Source: L’Observatoire Cetelem de la Consommation 2016.

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