Observe, enlighten and decipher the evolution
of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Section 1 - A stable mood and a greater desire to save

Summing up

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5.4/10, the average score Europeans give the situation in their country, a figure that has remained stable.

6/10, the average score respondents assign to their personal circumstances (-0.1 points).

1 in 2 Europeans plan to save more.

4 out of 10 want to spend more.

7 out of 10 can’t afford to consume more, whether they want to or not.

44% of Europeans believe that their purchasing power  isn’t increasing.

8 out of 10 Europeans believe that prices have increased.
Sub-section 2
Saving intentions are up
Despite a slowdown in GDP growth, the unemployment rate in Europe (as defined by the International Labour Office) is at its lowest level in almost 20 years, at 6.3%. Wage pressures are appearing in s
Sub-section 4
Doubt reigns in Europe
The golden age of euphoric, status-oriented and carefree consumption, the symbol of improved quality of life and of a society eager to embrace the future, now appears to have passed. In France, the G