08 Eco-friendly maturity

Although, for now, the economic argument is not fully in favour of EVs, its positive impact on air quality could perhaps tip the balance. Nearly 90% of those who responded consider EVs to be eco-friendly.



On this question, the Norwegians are slightly behind the other countries (73%). Greater familiarity with the EV makes them more measured on this issue.


Electricity from a controlled origin

89% of those who responded believe that the massive use of electric vehicles in dense urban areas will significantly reduce pollution.



But most of those questioned remain realistic in emphasising that the overall environmental safety of the EV depends on how the electricity is generated.



76% support the idea of using an EV powered by renewable energy while only 15% of those who responded favour the idea of driving an EV that uses electricity generated by burning coal.

Once again, the issue returns to the batteries

Another environmental sticking point: the batteries. Their production and recycling generate a large amount of CO2 and use rare materials that are extracted under questionable conditions for the environment and the workers concerned. Those who responded are aware of this as 82% agree that the use of these rare materials and the production and recycling of used batteries pose a serious environmental problem.