12 Summing up


According to 35% of Europeans, consumers themselves will insist upon more responsible consumption.

9 out of 10 are already moving towards responsible consumption.

5 out of 10 consider responsible consumption to be a key objective.

2 out of 3 feel that they are taking the initiative, rather than being forced to consume responsibly.

6 out of 10 are more mindful of the health impacts of products.

1 in 2 will reduce their spending in all sectors.

9 out of 10 intend to waste less, repair more and avoid throwing items away unnecessarily.

7 out of 10 would like to see a smaller choice of brands so as to reduce prices.

6 out of 10 want brands to be transparent about how products are made and to shun planned obsolescence.
1 in 2 Europeans prefer domestically made products.

4 out of 10 view the development of localism as a priority.

1 in 2 are purchasing more local products.

4 out of 10 eat less meat than they did three years ago.