Observe, enlighten and decipher the evolution
of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Section 1 - Consumption in Europe: New paths to confidence

A renewed appetite for consumption, while savings remain steadfast

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Spending intentions are back to their pre-2008 level.

46% of those surveyed for L’Observatoire Cetelem 2017 de la Consommation state that they intend to spend more (up 6 points compared to 2016) and 41% are keen to save more (1 point down vs. 2015).



The countries of Eastern Europe post the highest scores, with Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania leading the way. But the strongest improvements can be found in more “western” nations, headed by Denmark, France, Spain and Belgium.

On the savings front, the countries that stand out have a more Latin flavour. Portugal and Italy come first and second (57% and 50%), although saving intentions have fallen significantly in the latter (-6%). The Danes, Romanians and Brits all share the third step of this particular podium (48%).

Logic dictates that saving intentions are lower in countries where there is a greater tendency to consume, although they still exceed those of the French, who sit in last place with 34%. However, it should be noted that saving intentions have risen the most in France and Spain (+6% and +20%).

Sub-section 2
Europeans sense an upturn on the employment front
When it comes to the general situation in their respective countries, Europeans believe things are improving.   Download th
Sub-section 4
Doubts remain regarding spending power
The ability to spend more is implicitly conditioned by one’s resources. In this respect, the way Europeans in general feel about their spending power displays a certain degree of consistency. Co