Observe, enlighten and decipher the evolution
of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Section 1 - Consumption in Europe: New paths to confidence

Europeans sense an upturn on the employment front

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When it comes to the general situation in their respective countries, Europeans believe things are improving.



The average score for 2017 is 4.9 out of 10, up 0.2 points compared to 2016. Denmark tops the list with a respectable 6.3, a rise of 0.4 points. There has been a similar increase in Germany, one of the few countries to achieve a score higher than 6. The most spectacular rise can be observed in Portugal (+0.9 points to 4.6), which leaves Bulgaria at the foot of the table. Note that France, along with Hungary, is the only country in which this indicator has stagnated.



It should be noted that young Europeans have a more positive opinion than their elders.

Europeans not only consider the general situation in their country to be improving, they also believe their personal circumstances to be slightly better than in 2016: 5.5/10 compared to 5.4 the previous year. Once again, under 35s are more positive about their personal circumstances, to which they give an average score of 5.8/10.




Sub-section 1
A slow return to growth
In all the countries covered by L’Observatoire Cetelem, there has been positive growth for several quarters now.   Downlo
Sub-section 3
A renewed appetite for consumption, while savings remain steadfast
Spending intentions are back to their pre-2008 level. 46% of those surveyed for L’Observatoire Cetelem 2017 de la Consommation state that they intend to spend more (up 6 points compared to 2016) and