Observe, enlighten and decipher the evolution
of consumption patterns in France and abroad
Section 1 - Consumption in Europe: New paths to confidence

Mistrust and anxiety

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If we look at the last few years, it would appear that society is suffering not just from an economic downturn, but also from a crisis of confidence that certain scandals have only aggravated.

What is the current state of mind of Europeans ? Mistrust and anxiety are the two feelings most frequently flagged by those interviewed for this survey: 35% cite the former and 34% the latter. While hope is cited by 28% of Europeans, a degree of weariness is also expressed (27%). Meanwhile, very few people select enthusiasm (6%), audacity (7%) and combativeness (9%).



France is the country in which anger is most common (22% of those surveyed, compared with 11% on average). It is also the nation in which exasperation is at its highest (26%, neck and neck with Hungary, compared to 13% on average).

While Europeans tend to be moderately concerned about their housing situation and the consequences of Brexit (57% and 63%), they are more pessimistic when it comes to the migratory situation in their country (77%), healthcare (75%) and the country’s capacity to reform (75%). The individuals surveyed are markedly less concerned in three countries: Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. The strong economic results posted by these nations undoubtedly have something to do with it. In line with the results of the EU referendum, one in two Brits believe they have nothing to fear from Brexit.



Europeans are mistrustful of society in general. However, young people are less negative than their elders.



Sub-section 4
Doubts remain regarding spending power
The ability to spend more is implicitly conditioned by one’s resources. In this respect, the way Europeans in general feel about their spending power displays a certain degree of consistency. Co
Sub-section 6
A wholesale rejection of the political class
Given their general assessment of the situation in their respective countries, it is hard to imagine that Europeans have any confidence at all in the society in which they live. Indeed, only 29% say t