15 Buying a brand, the ying and the yang

The fact remains that confidence in a brand can act as both a positive and negative activator when it comes to making a purchase.



Positive when triggering the impulse buys of 51% of Europeans, with the Romanians, Bulgarians and Austrians most likely to succumb to temptation (37%, 65% and 63% respectively). Note that the French and especially the British are particularly proficient in maintaining their self-control (34% and 23%).

Negative when pulling out of a purchase through lack of confidence, which is the case for 58% of those surveyed, with the Portuguese, Slovaks and Spanish proving the most categoric (73%, 70% and 68%).

On the other hand, confidence in a brand is priceless. 67% are prepared to pay more for a trusted brand, with the Portuguese, Bulgarians and Romanians coming top in this area.