10 Summing up


3 out of 4 people are mindful of the environment.
7 out of 10 believe that cars are the leading cause of pollution.
1 in 2 are considering buying a hybrid car, 1 in 3 an electric car.
Only 1 in 5 consider the purchase of a car to be a significant expense.
For 9 out of 10 motorists, fuel is their main automotive expense.
1 in 2 opt for an alternative to driving because of the high cost of fuel.
6 out of 10 would prefer the government to lower taxes to boost purchasing power.
4 out of 10 drive less to reduce their vehicle running costs.
1 in 4 are considering ride sharing to reduce costs.


  • Emerging countries, millennials and urban dwellers are twice as likely to consider cars to be the leading source of pollution.
  • There has been a major surge in hybrid and electric vehicle purchase intentions, especially in urban areas.
  • Faced with high fuel costs, more millennials than seniors give up on using their cars.
  • Seniors and rural populations are more in favour of lowering taxes to boost purchasing power.
  • Ride sharing as a passenger is most common in the emerging countries and China.