16 Summing up


1 in 2 people ride share as a passenger to save money.
1 in 2 millennials ride share or car share to earn money.
4 out of 10 do so to be helpful to others.
1 in 2 partake in car sharing as much to earn money and to do something for the environment as for practical reasons.
6 out of 10 do not wish to rent out their car for fear of it being damaged.
6 out of 10 consider that the harvesting of information from their vehicle is an invasion of their privacy.
1 in 2 people fear that this data would be misappropriated.
1 in 2 do not want advertising on their car, to avoid being noticed.


  • In emerging countries, ride sharing is chiefly a financially motivated practice.
  • Seniors tend to choose ride sharing for environmental reasons.
  • As for car sharing, seniors are driven more by environmental and practical motivations than by financial savings.
  • Motorists in mature economies are much more reluctant than those in emerging countries to make their vehicles available for car sharing.
  • Seniors are more concerned about protecting their privacy when it relates to their vehicle.